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Shanghai Xooz Mechanical Equipment CO., Ltd  is a company to provide develops , manufacture , sales, and service for Pipe Cutting Machine. Xooz focus itself on technology and  Committed to create a first class pipe cutting beveling equipment manufacturers Sweat spent Growth come, Xooz products are highly accepted by the customers in and ex of China

  The spectrum ranges from the construction of process plants (ultra pure media e.g. semiconductor, electronic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology; chemical, food and beverage industry, aviation and aerospace technology, shipbuilding), includes the construction of energy plants (power plants, refineries, oil, gas and petrochemical industry) and even utilities (water and gas supply, heating, air conditioning and cooling, as well as sprinkler). is your competent partner for orbital tube and pipe preparation and orbital welding technology for industrial piping systems, prefabrication and maintenance.

  Xooz people make our friends at work more efficiently. Our customers appreciate our sound application know-how and our first class customer service. Our continuous success is based on our customer oriented innovations and  the educational level of workers, products and processes which we constantly strive to improve .


  Corporate culturehard seminarians, integrity and pragmatic
            People-oriented, service users

  Missionquality, innovation

  Service concept
              1 a customer first, to meet the needs of the customer is always put work first 
              2 ready to accept technical advice, provide technical support for customers
              3 received a failure notice, immediately rushed to the scene to lift failure
              4 provide timely and efficient accessories
              5 regular visits to customers, seek feedback, to meet customer needs

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